Creeper’s Will Gould Reveals New Side Project ‘Salem’

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Creeper frontman Will Gould has joined forces with Matt Reynolds (Howard’s Alias, Skylar, Drawings) to create their new project, Salem. The duo have today unveiled the track ‘Destroy Me’, which previews their self-titled debut EP which follows on October 23rd via Roadrunner Records‘Destroy Me’ fires out of the starting blocks in a ferocious rush of punk rock melody and Gould’s distinctive vocals with lyrics that possess the playfully eloquent set-up and punchline lyrical style that’s a big part of classic albums from the likes of Jawbreaker and Alkaline Trio.

Salem’s debut EP is now available to pre-order here on pink vinyl and digital formats.

You can view the video for ‘Destroy Me‘ below

‘Destroy Me’ is a really good introduction that summarises the band, it had the right kind of energy from the offset. This band feels like a love letter to a lot of our early influences. It’s a return to our roots in a lot of ways.