Dan Vapid & The Cheats Release New Album “Escape Velocity”

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Dan Vapid And The Cheats are a punk rock band featuring singer, songwriter and guitarist Dan Vapid. A veteran of the punk scene who has played in influential bands such as Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales, Sludgeworth, The Methadones, Noise By Numbers, The Mopes, and The Queers. The current lineup features Dan Vapid (Vocals/Guitar), Simon Lamb (guitars/vocals), Dillon Dunnagan (bass/vocals) and Gabe Usery (drums/vocals).

Dan Vapid And The Cheats have now released their fourth full-length album Escape Velocity via Eccentric Pop Records. Featuring thirteen new tracks the album plays almost like a concept album, exploring themes of loss, sorrow, and redemption. It’s a personal, insightful record, musically rooted in Vapid’s classic punk rock style while also exploring and incorporating his wide-ranging musical influences.

Escape Velocity is currently available streaming platforms, Bandcamp and on CD via Eccentric Pop Records. Due to the ongoing vinyl manufacturing delays the album will be released on vinyl in the spring of 2022 alongside a cassette release via Memorable But Not Honorable Tapes.