Deaf Lingo Sign To Lövely Records And Reveal “Sleeping” From Upcoming “Lingonberry” Album

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Deaf Lingo has signed to Lövely Records for the release of their second full length album. The Italian based group combines melodic punk, lo-fi garage and bittersweet indie into their very own blend of alternative rock. Founded in 2015, in the outskirts of Milan, the band has developed a sound that’s direct, zestful, and warm while communicating a sense of underlying, unfiltered downheartedness, embodying themes such as alienation, separation, and apathy with a lively and energetic approach.

Lövely Records will release Deaf Lingo‘s second album, Lingonberry, in the spring of 2022. The first single from the album is called Sleeping and is out on all streaming platforms. Sleeping perfectly captures the dynamic sense of Deaf Lingo, moving from bittersweet and longing indie punk to heavier, more straight forward rock breakdowns.

You can stream Sleeping here