Debris’s Keith Cook Unleashes Solo Album “Rock & Roll Riot”

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Keith Cook was the guitarist for protopunk band Debris, with whom he was included in a history exhibit covering the notable rock and rollers from their home state of Oklahoma. Keith Cook has unleashed three singles in the lead up to the release of his new album, Rock & Roll RiotCease, bemoaning the gentrification of Seattle in a broad yet incisive enough shot that you could apply it to any place, the tongue in cheek three chord rock song Child’s Play and the barnstorming Never Equate.

Recorded in producer Steve Fisk’s garage home studio, Keith Cook‘s Rock & Roll Riot is garage rock in the purist sense of the term. With vintage tube amps, Fisk’s use of classic recording techniques and minimal microphones on tracks, Cook and Fisk capture the raw sound of the riff-based songs that hark back to the simplistic live vibe of early rock recordings. Cook’s sophomore record is backed by Dave FosterAaron Burckhard & Kera Schaley of Nirvana, Steve MacKay of The StoogesCriss Crass of The MuffsThe Vains, Jayne CountyTravis McNabb of Greg Sage and The WipersKirk Heydt of Flipper Pop O Pies and Steve Fisk. 

Rock & Roll Riot is available digitally on digital, CD and vinyl through Golden Robot Global Entertainment & digital platforms