Deception of a Ghost Sign To Trustkill

  • Cole Faulkner posted
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Trustkill Records has announced the signing of North Carolina’s Deception of a Ghost.  The band had since built their career on DIY touring and self booking.  Guitarist and Vocalist “Buddy” explains the band’s reaction to the signing:

“To sign with Trustkill records and saying its a dream come true is an understatement for me. They have the bands that made me me wanna play music that we all looked up to and were influenced by. Now to say we are a part of that is nothing more than unreal. To me it’s more than a dream its a sense of accomplishment. We have all caught ourselves in the van going to shows and saying “Can you believe we just signed to Trustkill” Yea this is a dream but I’m finally awake this time!”