Deep Elm Looking For Bands For Emo Diaries

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Deep Elm RecordsDeep Elm Records is currently looking for bands to feature in its twelfth edition of their famed Emo Diaries compilation series. The label had this to say about the compilation:

For nearly 15 years, The Emo Diaries has been Deep Elm’s way of documenting an extraordinary and powerful style of music that possesses the ability to stir emotion like no other. The Emo Diaries has introduced over 135 incredible bands including Jimmy Eat World, The Appleseed Cast, This Drama, Further Seems Forever (featuring Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional), Planes Mistaken For Stars, The Movielife and many more to fans wordwide. All songs are exclusive and unreleased, making each chapter of The Emo Diaries a true compilation, not a sampler of previously released music. Bands are selected to participate based on open, blind submissions of their music. Only the music matters, not who the band is…and that’s the way it should be.

The Emo Diaries unofficially came to rest in 2004 with its tenth chapter. Deep Elm cited the bastardization of the term “emo” in pop culture, as well as mainstream’s stranglehold and subsequent commercialization of the genre, which placed the focus squarely on the aesthetic…not the music, the energy or the passion. But then in 2007, Deep Elm re-opened its doors to the genre they helped to document and expose to the world. The scene heralded the release of Chapter 11 “Taking Back What’s Ours” and fans have been asking for another chapter ever since.

Submission for Chapter 12 is open to any artist, signed or unsigned, throughout the world. There is no cost to participate and selected bands will be informed all details including worldwide promotion, publicity, marketing, distribution and royalties. Submission will close when the label has selected 12 songs for worldwide release.

You can submit your music here.