Deftones Post Deluxe Edition Pre-Order

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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The DeftonesThe Deftones have made a their May 4th release, Diamond Eyes, available as a Deluxe Edition pre-order on iTunes.

The Diamond Eyes Deluxe Version features 3 bonus tracks – Deftones’ covers  of Drive Like Jehu‘s “Caress,” Cardigan’s Do You Believe,” and Japan’s Ghosts“. The full track listing is below.

You can pre-order the record here.

Tracklisting is as follows:
1. Diamond Eyes
2. Royal
4. You’ve Seen the Butcher
5. Beauty School
6. Prince
7. Rocket Skates
8. Sextape
9. Risk
10. 976-EVIL
11. This Place Is Death
12. Do You Believe (Cardigans cover)
13. Ghosts (Japan cover)14. Caress (Drive Like Jehu cover)