Dez Dare Unveils New Album “Perseus War”

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Perseus War, the third full length from Brighton via Australia’s Dez Dare, is out today. Leading on from 2022s Ulysses TrashPerseus War contains ten songs of dystopian indifference captured over 4 weeks in late 2022. Meant to be a companion EP to the last record, ideas spilled, riffs flowed and Perseus War was born. Ulysses Trash was a call to inaction, embracing the reality of the world around us and the place we have within it. Perseus War is the violent struggle that the universe and all within it has to survive. The daily pressure of existence, the beauty in the destruction left by the way and the sweet solace of understanding we have no control.

Dez also recently announced a short run of UK May shows, further tour dates will be announced, but for now those lucky enough to live in London, Coventry, Portsmouth or Exeter will be able to witness the cacophony of fuzz live. You can view Dez’s tour dates and purchase tickets here