Dine Alone Reissues Grade’s “Separate The Magnets” On Vinyl

  • Emily Thompson posted
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DineAloneDine Alone Records have announced that they will be reissuing Grade’s classic Separate the Magnets on limited edition vinyl, the first release of the album in this format in over 10 years. This reissue will also come with revamped artwork by bassist Matt Jones and will include extensive notes and unreleased photos from the release era. More details including release dates, pressing information, pre-order details are expected to be announced in the near future, with Dine Alone hinting that there will also be a few other surprises thrown in.
In the mean time, you can check out Separate the Magnets‘ track list below, and listen to the album’s first track, Conceptualizing Theories in Motion here.
1. Conceptualizing Theories In Motion
2. Symptoms Of Simplifying The Simplistic
3. The Adaptation Of Means
4. Life Gets In The Way Of Living
5. To Illustrate And Design Parameters
6. The Joy Of Stupidity
7. The Tie That Binds