Earth Island Books To Release “Running At The Edge Of Their World: The Suspect Device Fanzine Story”

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Running At The Edge Of Their World : The Suspect Device Fanzine Story by Tony & Gaz Suspect is the behind-the-scenes story of one of the UK’s longest running, and best loved punk fanzines.
From the typewriter set, cut and paste layouts, to the illicit night-time photocopying, up to today’s comparatively slick output. The book is filled with stories right from the very beginning of the community they helped build and support, and still do. It’s about the changes and challenges Tony and Gaz had to overcome, and the lifelong friendships created in the process. This book is about the Suspect Device Fanzine, but it’s also about the punks who came together to create the scene based on the principles of DIY, friendship and co-operation. Running At The Edge Of Their World : The Suspect Device Fanzine Story will be released on the 7th June via Earth Island Books and is available for pre-order here.

Running At The Edge

Gaz and Tony met on their first day of school and have been friends for over 50 years now. This friendship was solidified in their teenage years by a mutual love of going to football and punk rock. Going to football meant facing the weekly dangers of opposition supporters, violent police and Tony’s Grandads driving. But they came through it all relatively unscathed. Cycle rides between their respective houses meant running the gauntlet of unlit country roads, scary woods and the threat of seeing Tony’s Grandad’s car coming towards them. Gaz’s dad could never understand why they both bought the same records, while Tony’s dad introduced Gaz to darts and home brewed beer. Tony doesn’t play darts or drink beer. They have been through most of the ups and downs life throws at you and survived due in part to their friendship and punk rock. Tony has been in several bands including Obvious Action, Fusion, Thirst!, Portiswood, Chokeword, Pilger, Screwed Up Flyer, The Shorts and is currently in Abrazos. Gaz hasn’t been in any bands because he has no rhythm, no sense of timing, and generally can’t remember what day of the week it is, let alone lyrics or chords.