Eat Defeat Reveal “Slip Through The Cracks” Single & Announce New Album “My Money’s On Me”

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For the last ten years Leeds, UK’s Eat Defeat have grown an audience with their high energy live shows and writing incredibly catchy melodic pop-punk. Today, the band have announced that they will be releasing a new album, My Money’s On Me, via Uncle Style Records and have revealed their new single, Slip Through The Cracks, that serves up high-octane punk layered with harmonies and sing-a-long’s.

“Nobody wants to be forgotten, you know? So I wrote “Slip Through The Cracks” to remind myself that you can’t live life believing every intrusive anxious thought that comes into your head, sometimes you’ve just got to believe that you’re doing fine and people DO want to be around you, actually.” (Vocalist Andrew Summers)