Eat The Evidence Release New Single And Video ‘Sicky Slip’

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At a time of growing global and national volatility, when the digital information overload seems to broil with nothing but the mind-blowingly infuriating, couldn’t we all use a song involving a little slapstick? And sick. Slippery sick, in fact. Throw in a broken ankle too. And who better to deliver such a musical missive than that uniquely raucous London quintet, Eat the Evidence. For it was at last year’s Boomtown Festival that Steve, Eat the Evidence‘s roadie, slipped in his own spew, fracturing his ankle and rendering him unable to complete his duties. This year the band have decided to tell everyone about it. Sicky Slip is not only a tribute to Steve’s ordeal, it’s also a nod to the trials and tribulations of every roadie. Sicky Slip can be streamed vis SoundCloud here and Spotify here

You can view the video for Sicky Slip below