Emmer Effer Records Release Punk Rock Foodies Sausage Fest Sampler Platter Compilation

  • Ashley N. Milholland posted
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sfsocalPunk Rock Foodies has again teamed up with Emmer Effer Records to release the Punk Rock Foodies Sausage Fest Sampler Platter. The compilation is free to download from the Emmer Effer Records here. The compilation features two songs from each performer playing the festival.

The Punk Rock Foodies Sausage Fest Sampler Platter compilation offers a wide variety of punk rock that is sure to keep your average punk fan entertained. The punk bands include headliners The Dips, Eken Is Dead, Public Nuisance, Emmer Effer, Gone To Ground, Scaredycat, Ridicule, Enemy Proof, Sorry State, and The Krylons will be sandwiched between the punk music are songs by four acoustic acts; The Dead Frets, Karina Toriz, John Ho, and Robert Haua.

Kevin Wells, the Minister of Assholery for Punk Rock Foodies, stated:

“The idea is to give the bands that play the festivals as much exposure as possible. I always find out about new bands from compilations, so it just seemed like a good idea.”

Emmer Effer Records is a Los Angeles-based record label founded by Kevin Wells in 2014. Since its start, Emmer Effer Records has digitally released both of the Punk Rock Foodie compilations and EPs by bands such as The Moon, Emmer Effer, and John Ho.