Everything But The Everything Release “A&B Sides Volume Two” Single

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Led by Izzy The Gent, the Bay Area-based Everything But The Everything continues to deliver fresh-sounding alt-punk vibes with their new 7-inch, A&B Sides Volume Two. The co-conspirators that make up Everything But The Everything are vocalist Sophia Prise, guitarist Ian Dowd (Fire In The Hamptons / JonBenet Stranglehold), drummer Chad Roxxit (The Hot Takes / Chad & Scott) and Izzy The Gent (JonBenet Stranglehold / The Frail / The Cons / Fake Your Own Death) on bass (and everything else). The dual single-release delivers two edgy and melodic alt-punk tracks, Hotshot and Salt, that were produced by Rex Shelverton. A&B Sides Vol. Two is a testament to the band’s collective creativity, progression, and passion for music. Whether they are delivering a punk anthem or a haunting ballad, they convey a wide range of emotions with authenticity, backed by solid musicianship and a good time.

If someone betrays you or leaves you high and dry, this song’s answer is to get in your mental classic convertible and drive away on the high road (with the top down). How insignificant they now seem as the wind blows through your hair and they shrink in the distance. One last sneer into the rearview mirror, then the sun gets into your eyes and in a blink they’re gone”. (Sophia Prise)

Everything But The Everything

“I wanted to replace a song on our setlist. I really liked the energy of ‘Salt’ in its demo form. With two scheduled rehearsals before the show, I said to everyone, ‘learn the song, and let’s get in there and knock it out.’ A few days before our scheduled rehearsal, I called Sophia and asked how her vocal melodies and lyrics were coming along. She replied, ‘I think I got it.’ When we got in the rehearsal space and I heard her sing the chorus, I knew we had something extra special.” (Izzy The Gent)