Ex-Save Ferris Members Sue Over Reunion Show

  • Steven Farkas posted
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The announcement from former Save Ferris singer Monique Powell about a reunion show at the OC Fair on July 27th was welcomed by fans who have been hoping for a reconciliation for years (and in fact we reported it right here!).

Unfortunately all is not as it seems.

The remaining original band members (Brian Mashburn, Eric Zamora, Bill Uechi, Brian Williams, and Evan Kilbourne) claim that they were never contacted, nor approved any reunion show and have now filed a lawsuit against Powell to stop her performing under the Save Ferris name. They are also seeking damages for falsely using the name to promote the show and to stop her using the band name in this way ever again. 

Powell has been quoted as saying: “While I had hoped this could be a reunion of sorts with all, or some, of my former SF band members, unfortunately that isn’t the way it looks to be turning out”

There is little doubt that Monique Powell will put on a great show for fans at the OC Fair, but it does seem wrong to mislead fans into thinking this is a full on Save Ferris reunion when it is clearly not.