Exclusive: Klammer Offer Track By Track Insight Into Upcoming “The Day Before Yesterday” Album

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Klammer will release their new album, The Day Before Yesterday, via the Revolver Records imprint Heavy Metal Records on the 25th February. The Leeds, UK based quartet put a contemporary twist on the post-punk attitude, although there’s plenty of hooks in their songs, there’s also a dark and edgy broodiness coursing through the sound of the band. Ahead of the release the band have offered The Punk Site an exclusive insight into their upcoming full length

The Album Title

Maybe things were better on “The Day Before Yesterday” or maybe worse? Are we allowed to be looking backwards or do we have to follow the trend and only live in the now? 

Pass The Test

Betterment through application. Globalisation. Intellectual appropriation. Maybe it’s about China or maybe it’s people plotting in Weimar Germany? Some of the song is in black and white and some is in grainy technicolour but not in hi-definition.

I Really Really Want To Believe

Tell the truth, don’t tell lies just to make things seem OK and things will be better! It’s a difficult thing to do but, in the long run, it really is the best way. Sitting on a pile of lies can only be a short-term solution and the higher the pile then the harder the fall.

Progress (Or The Lack Of)

When will we EVER learn? It’s a song about the need to change our ways and face the facts. It’s a time for running away if we don’t. It’s a time to be angry with our leaders.

Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car

The recurring dream turns to a nightmare that always wakes you with a jolt! It’s all about anxiety, it’s all about frustration and longing. It’s about wanting to do better and the fear of failing. It’s about wanting to be in charge of your own destiny.

While You Sleep


The Blind Leading The Blind

Don’t believe everything that you’re told in the modern world! Modern media in a modern world. It leaves some people behind and can lead some people into a deep dark hole.  

The Insider

A quick history of the rise and fall of a Glam Rocker

A New Direction

The story of an artistic type seeking a life change and a new love but frustrated by an inability to express feelings, until the catalyst is found, and the new direction is found and followed with glorious optimism.


An immortal who, for millennia, has ruthlessly destroyed lives and influenced history for his own gain

I Wish I Could Bring You Back

Loss, misplaced guilt, tears and yearning. A short description of the song but I want the listener to take their own angle on it.


The death and termination of a soured relationship. Disease has infiltrated the system and is wrecking havoc, causing misery and anger. It’s destroyed the love and needs to be removed by any means!  

Limbic Pastime

A description of a life lived in pain with no real hope of improvement. Illness can be mentally a real killer. 


A song which tells the story of two brothers. The first brother stays in the countryside where they were born while his sibling insists on taking his chance in the Big City. The brother in the countryside sees his sibling return as a broken man, devastated and broken by city life and the unfriendly ways of city people. This song was written during the first UK Covid lockdown and the band members submitted their ideas and recorded parts remotely for Steve to mix at Mead Studio.

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