Exclusive: Trash n’ Privilege Share Track By Track Of New Album “Commence With The Bum Out”

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Fresno punk outfit Trash n’ Privilege have released their blistering new album, Commence With The Bum Out, through streaming platforms via Manic Kat Records. As a complete work the album is a personal commentary on relationships, family disfunction, big tech and our ongoing distrust of all things government. Born out of a shared frustration with the status quo, Trash n’ Privilege dazzle with their fast paced, melodically weighted punk rock. The Fresno outfit’s caffeine laced, high-octane energy is raw and unapologetic with a soundscape that nods to punk icons Ramones, Quicksand and Social Distortion. The band’s new album is a sonic assault of blistering guitar riffs, thundering bass lines, and relentless drums, accompanied by lyrics that tackle themes of a 24-hour news cycle, big tech and personal struggles. Partnering with punk label Manic Kat Records for the new release, the California crew find a fitting partner to vent their rage-fuelled punk. The raucous record is relatable and unerringly accessible, a throwback to the formative iteration of a genre that champions expressions and passion. The album is out today and The Punk Site has an exclusive track by track detailing each of the ten tracks on Commence With The Bum Out.

Trash n' Privilige

Nobody Cares

““Don’t question our answers. Because you’re never right” This song is my thought on the encroachment of government on free speech. This overstep is not a liberal or conservative action. This happens all the time, no matter which political party is in power. Just watch the name calling and label making when someone asks, “Why are we doing that?” How soon we forget “Have you now or ever been a member of the Communist Party?” It is everyone’s responsibility to question everything.”

Blood In The Water

“Blood in the Water represents the individual thrown to the sharks for another’s groups advantage. We see it all the time. A victim is pushed forward to meet a narrative. Once that news has cycled, we all move on. The victim is cast aside and forgotten as we move on to the next outrage of the day.”

Light Up Them Britches 

“Staying with the theme of government overreach, Light up Them Britches is a commentary on deep state power seekers. There are government groups that only seek power and once they get that power, they want to hold on to it for as long as they can. Those who question or push back get punished. American history is replete with examples of those who pushed back on the establishment and ended up dead, in court or bankrupt.”  

Liars Dice

“Liars Dice is our first single off this release. I learned this game while drinking at a bar. It made absolutely no sense. In the same line of thinking, this song is the story of a guy being left behind by fast moving society. He can’t keep up with the change in word meanings. He struggles with the evolving social norms. Social media is lost on him. Nothing makes sense anymore and he finds himself becoming isolated.”

Shhhhh, It’s A Secret

“This meaning is in the title. You figure it out.” 

Hot Pile

“Government oversteps into our everyday life. You have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness until you don’t. That overstep happens gradually over time. The person who sees it before the rest of us is called conspiracy theorists. “Your cries are so loud. They fall silent” We mock them until we say “oh maybe they were right.””

Deaf Bats

“Deaf Bats is about the guy who does everything big and burns out. He parties all the time. Hangs with party people. Does the most drugs. Then he dies.” 

Weighted Boots

“A child comes to the realization he is being raised by shitty parents. These parents are not preparing him with any usable life skills. He looks around one day and asks what the hell is going on here? His peers are excelling in life and in relationships. He sees himself always one step behind. Hence, Weighted Boots in the river.”

It’s Not Me It’s You For Sure

““I knew that you were trouble on the day we met” We have all had that one friend who was dangerous to be around. They were fun at a party. They raged until the sun came up.  They burn through relationships as they look for the next cool person to hang on to. They burn through your money. There comes a point when you decide to cut ties or end up just like them.”

No Need To Pretend

“This song is a self-reflection on my motives in a relationship. Have I grown up or am just better at hiding my flaws.”

“Making this record has been a real learning experience. The band tried a lot of new things (not every idea was a good one). From the writing process to recording and production, we wanted to make these 10 songs unique and yet still us. Trash n’ Privilege is excited to share our work and partner with Manic Kat Records. Everyone at the label has been great so far and we’re proud to be among their talented artists.” (vocalist Steve Shepard)