Exedo Share “Damage Up Ahead” & Announce New Album “The Body Remembers”

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Exedo is a latin word meaning to eat up, devour, or consume. These acts, by self or others, are the genesis of themes for Exedo‘s songs. The band have now unveiled their new single, Damage Up Ahead, and announced that their new album, The Body Remembers, will be released on June 28th via Dirt Cult Records.

The Chicago band explores lyrical subjects like wasteful resource consumption, betrayal by one’s own body as it undergoes aging and illness and the devouring void of absence and loss. Exedo also consumes a range of musical influences from post punk and new wave, to 90s alternative, surf instrumentals and a broad spectrum of DIY punk. The band digests this meal slowly, focusing on the sonic and stylistic through lines from one scene and era to the next.