Fake News Are “Moving On” With New Single & Video

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From the sun-drenched Gold Coast of Eastern Australia comes your dose of reality, Fake News. The melodic punk crew have dropped a new music video for their latest single, Moving On, that is taken from the band’s upcoming EP, Time & Place, that is set for release on May 29th. Moving On is adorned with punk rock nostalgia, but it’s also awash with freshness, as the band tackle issues of overcoming adversity through positivity, and seeing past the difficulties in our lives.

“Moving On” is about how we have certain struggles in life and find ourselves overthinking and stressing about them. The lyrics come from a positive point of view basically saying after all I’ve been through, I’m not going to let life beat me and I’m moving on. Everyone has their own burdens in life so we hope that this song can inspire people to get through it and move on.” (lead vocalist Tim Russ)