False Fed To Release Debut Album “Let Them Eat Fake”

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Neurot Recordings confirms October 13th as the release date of Let Them Eat Fake, the debut album from False Fed. The dark punk act was formed by vocalist Jeff Janiak (Discharge / Broken Bones), guitarist Stig C. Miller (Amebix / Zygote), bassist JP Parsons and drummer Roy Mayorga (Nausea / Ministry / Soulfly / Amebix), who collectively all step outside of their musical comfort zones to present an album of discomfort and rage in the face of reality.

In these unprecedented times of global restriction, fear, and the everlasting lack of faith in the hierarchy, False Fed has cultivated a heavy sound that is drenched in melody, aggression, and shrouded in darkness; an ominous and dystopian entity that is not bound by genre, yet still offers subtle hints to the creators’ lineage. The dirge-like beats throughout Let Them Eat Fake confirm this description, the music of False Fed is the soundtrack to the seedier undertones of society, a quiet, impatient rage at injustice everywhere with one finger pointing firmly towards the establishment.

“I’ve always wanted to work with JJ’s vocals and put something melodic underneath the aggression in his voice, ever since I heard him sing. The actual overall balance of it all just happened though… We just wanted to create something different. Looking back now the advantage of this distance, for me personally, was that it forced me to grow as a musician and artist. I had to learn a lot and build trust in myself in order to keep up.” (JP Parsons)