Farside’s “Rigged” Album Gets 30th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

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Seminal melodic punk band Farside formed in 1989 in Orange County, California and had a strong eleven year run before disbanding in 2000. During that time the band released three albums, two EPs and a split with Sense Field. Released on June 21st, 1994 through Revelation Records, Farside‘s sophomore album Rigged became a fan favorite spanning praise from audiences across punk, hardcore, emo and alternative rock. In celebration of the record’s 30th anniversary, Farside and Revelation Records have announced a special pressing of Rigged on mint green eco-vinyl with an accompanying 16 page booklet. In addition to Rigged, Revelation Records is offering new color vinyl represses of Farside‘s Rochambeau (1992) and Monroe Doctrine (1999).


Then comprised of vocalist and guitarist Michael “Popeye” Vogelsang, bassist Bryan Chu and drummer Bob BeshearRigged marked the first output from the band with Kevin Murphy who shared guitar, vocal and songwriting duties with Popeye. The result was a dynamic and collaborative album that translated just as remarkable on record as in a live setting. While Farside has no plans to reunite on stage, the band is happy to share in the memories and influence that Rigged materialized throughout the past thirty years. Rigged is also available via all major streaming platforms here