Fat Mike Explains SXSW Incident, Talks Ben Weasel

  • Cardo Solis posted
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Fat MikeIn a recent article published by Canadian magazine Exclaim, Fat Mike of NoFX sheds light on the SXSW “pee-quila” episode that took place at Emo’s in Austin, TX last year.

“There was no meltdown,” said Fat Mike, “It was pure performance.”

The front-man also continued to explain on why he decided to do something different during his acoustic set and tell shocking stories, which he admits were all true.

“I wanted to do something memorable,” he said, “So I went up there and told the most horrific stories of my life.”

Fat Mike also went into specifics on how he perceives Ben Weasel of Screeching Weasel and his recent SXSW incident.

“I think it’s horrible because he punched someone who’s smaller and weaker than him,” he claims.

Read the full article here.