Femegades Release “Not All Men” EP

London based grunge punks Femegades have just released their outspoken four track sophomore EP, Not All Men, on limited run CD and as a name your price download via Bandcamp. If Bikini Kill and The Clash had a lovechild but it was raised by Courtney Love, Femegades would be that kid. Hailing from London, the UK-based punk band are a refreshing gulp of clean air, delivering catchy, clean vocals and melodies framed by an energy-inducing punk rhythm section.

Not All Men will have you singing along in support of the feminist sociopolitical message. Tackling subjects such as women subjected to male violence and consent head-on, with hard-hitting lyrics that are both sensitive to the subject matter and delivered with a sense of optimism. Being a band that stands for something is at the heart of everything they do.