Feral Family Announce Debut Album “Without Motion” & UK Tour Dates

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Feral Family have announced that their eagerly awaited debut full length, Without Motion, will descend on the 19th January. The album is an invitation into the day-to-day life of a band with nothing to lose and united in their determination to break the shackles of conformity, on their debut album Feral Family create eleven songs of a febrile intensity befitting of their name. A coming of age album for the end of days, Without Motion is littered with oblique observations of a society increasingly removed from reality, lessons of love and life learned in the hardest of ways, and visions of warped dystopias becoming increasingly indecipherable from the norm.

Feral Family

From the cinematic carnage of album opener, Cairo, to the funereal marchings of Someday; the post-apocalyptic bombast of Spice King, to the bristling industrial clamour of The Mercy; the bruising Brooklynite indie-rock of Deep Cuts or the electrifying heartbeat that pulses through Fractured, Feral Family deliver a debut rich in the darker arts of post-punk that fans of Joy Division to The Fall, Interpol and Nine Inch Nails, Diiv to The Blinders will find much to relish. Without Motion is an album of bleak realities and brotherhood, of broken hearts and burning hopes, bruised egos and big ideas, forgotten towns and futures waiting to be seized. Feral Family have also announced that they will be hitting the road for a further run of headline shows in February in support of Without Motion.

Feral Family

“The album showcases what it’s like living day to day in our shoes, with some wilder exceptions of certain themes being imagined, while simultaneously being understood by us. Each track weaves a narrative that collectively paints a vivid picture of life’s struggles and introspective moments. Without Motion is like a guide through life experiences from our eyes from later teens to early adulthood.”  (vocalist Jamie Lowe)