“Fest 20 Comp” Released In Support Of Feed The Scene

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Sell The Heart Records, Wiretap Records and Rat Terror Records are pleased to bring you this new compilation of artists performing at The Fest this weekend. The Fest 20 Comp features many exclusive, out of print or re-worked versions of tracks from Cobra Skulls, Tsunami Bomb, Neckscars, American Thrills, Middle-Aged Queers, Sarchasm, Timeshares, Superbloom, Audio Karate, American Television, The Jukebox Romantics, Signals Midwest and Bumsy & The Moochers.

Fest 20 Comp

Profits generated from the sale of this album (both digital and physical) will be donated to Feed The Scene to help them with their efforts to help touring bands in the great Baltimore area, as well as their efforts to revitalize the Sidebar