Fightmilk Check The Ex On Breakup Anthem ‘Hey Annabelle!’

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London’s Fightmilk have revealed their storming new breakup anthem, Hey Annabelle!’, which is now available via digital platforms. Hey Annabelle!’ is the latest single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, Contender, that will be released on the 14th May via Reckless Yes. The album can be pre-ordered on ‘cream/smoked’ vinyl, ‘lucky dip’ eco vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

“Putting the ‘angry’ in ‘Shangri-La’s’, this is arguably our pettiest song. Hey Annabelle!’ is about that very specific thing you do when you’ve split up with someone and part of moving on entails just very casually asking mutuals what they’re up to and, more importantly, whether they’re also miserable. And also subtly encouraging those mutuals to get the hell out of Dodge too. There’s probably a German word for it. There’s definitely a real Annabelle—as with a disturbing number of Fightmilk songs, this is a true story—but there’s also a 98% chance she’ll never know this song exists.”

You can stream and purchase Hey Annabelle! here and pre-order Contender here