Film Movement Partners With Headcount On Voter Registration

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It’s Britain, late-1970s. The country is deeply divided over immigration. The National Front, a far-right and fascist political party, is gaining strength. Countering this was Rock Against Racism, a movement that swept across the UK and Europe and culminated in a 100,000+ person march and a legendary concert event, Woodstock meets the March on Washington, punk-style. Capturing this incredible moment in time, when music changed the world, is “White Riot” from director Rubika Shah. In support of this incredibly timely, impactful and message-driven documentary being released via Virtual Cinema on October 16th, Film Movement is partnering with the non-partisan organization, HeadCount that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy.  

You can view a trailer for “White Riot” and read more about the campaign below

To help amplify national campaigns for National Voter Registration Day (9/22), Return Your Ballot Day (10/13) and Vote Early Day (10/24) leading up to the national election, Film Movement will incorporate HeadCount’s initiatives into “White Riot” marketing, with cross-promotional support including bumpers on the film’s teasers and trailer and on all social media pages.  In addition the Virtual Cinema landing pages will include HeadCount PSA videos, and all viewers will have the opportunity to watch these videos along with their film rental.  Home audiences will also be encouraged to visit the “White Riot” custom Voter Registration page where they can register to vote and sign up for local election alerts here.

Rubika Shah’s energizing film charts the rise of Rock Against Racism, formed in 1976, prompted by “music’s biggest colonialist” Eric Clapton and his support of racist MP Enoch Powell.  The brisk, informative documentary blends fresh, engaging interviews with Rock Against Racism staff and musicians with archival footage to recreate a hostile environment of anti-immigrant hysteria and National Front marches.  As neo-Nazis recruited the nation’s youth, Rock Against Racism’s multicultural punk and reggae gigs provided rallying points for resistance.   The campaign grew from “Temporary Hoarding”, the movement’s fanzine to 1978’s huge antifascist concert in Victoria Park, featuring X-Ray Spex, Tom Robinson, Steel Pulse and, of course, The Clash, whose rock star charisma and gale-force conviction took Rock Against Racism’s message to the masses. “White Riot” chronicles this “extraordinary fusion of culture and politics that changed society for the better.

The messages in White Riot, about ordinary people challenging the status quo, are obviously incredibly relevant at the moment, and we’re thrilled to partner with HeadCount in support of their vitally important campaigns leading up to November 3. Michael Rosenberg, President of Film Movement.

A fundamental idea behind HeadCount is that music moves culture and culture leads systemic change, so this film really ties into our core beliefs. Andy Bernstein, HeadCount’s founder and executive director.