Gab De La Vega & The Open Cages Announce “Road To The Next Chapter” EU Tour

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Gab De La Vega is back on the road and he’s taking his band with him. He’s leaving on tour in September for what is announced to be his Road to the Next Chapter Tour, hitting stages across Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany with The Open Cages. The shows are intended as a transition between the Beyond Space And Time tours and a not-so-distant future, when Gab De La Vega will be releasing his upcoming fourth studio album.

Gab De La Vega

“Beyond Space And Time was released weeks before the whole world was about to change. It was a challenging time for everyone and for me as an independent artist, it was the toughest test. Yet, I was able to take this album on tour across Europe and Canada, with countless shows that reminded me why I do this and why it matters so much to me. I played some cool full band shows, not as many as I wanted for obvious reasons and many were solo performances, which I still love. What the future holds is my fourth album, which is probably the best music I’ve created so far and which will see the light at some point in early 2024. This tour is a passage between two, two albums, two eras in my music career. Being able to do this with my good friends and bandmates in the Open Cages is a privilege and I can’t wait for that!” (Gab De La Vega)