Geoff Palmer Covers Dee Dee Ramone’s “Standing In The Shadows” Album

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After two critically acclaimed solo albums, Geoff Palmer (The Connection, The Guts, The Kurt Baker Band) is back with his third full-length, this time coming with a surprising cover album. Ever since Screeching Weasel covered the self-titled Ramones debut, it became a tradition among punk rock bands to cover Ramones albums in their entirety. So far, Dee Dee King‘s infamous 1989 rap album, Standing In The Spotlight, (hated by some, dearly loved by others) remained untouched, until now. Geoff Palmer and his band, which includes Kurt Baker, Brad Marino and Mass Giorgini, pay tribute to the Standing In The Shadows album on Dee Dee Ramone‘s birthday, September 18th. 

Geoff Palmer Standing In The Shadows

“This tribute album to the late and great Dee Dee Ramone / King by Geoff Palmer is just as fun and entertaining as the original from 1989. Geoff and his bandmates have done a fantastic rendition of “Standing in the Spotlight” with a fresh and updated spin. I’m sure Dee Dee would feel honored and proud by this kind gesture, just as I am. Many thanks from both of us!” (Vera Ramone King)