Get Better Records Announce ‘Sunday, Someday’ Compilation

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On March 26th Get Better Records will release “Sunday, Someday“, a compilation album created by a group of like-minded friends and musicians from the UK, Pennsylvania, and Los Angeles. They began meeting virtually every Sunday from April 2020 onward after the tour they were supposed to go on together was cancelled due to the pandemic. The group is comprised of Nervus (UK), Potty Mouth (LA), KOJI (PA), Solstice Rey (PA), Full on Mone’t (PA) and the crew members who would have been on the tour. They decided to put together a record to fund surgery and aftercare for a member of the group while raising awareness about systemic oppression of QTPOC community members. “Sunday, Someday” can be pre-ordered via Get Better Records here

You can read more about “Sunday, Someday” below

The group wants to acknowledge the history of organizing and social movements, and how creative communities can go about the work of community care and mutual aid. In order to manifest liberated futures, they must be imagined—and this group has provided space for their collective imagination, with this record as a result. 

This is not a record of and for the music industry. This record is a celebration of living in community and a project that asks what world is possible when everyone’s needs are met? We’re in a space where we gather on a regular basis, even though we’re separated geographically. But our relationality isn’t institutional. It’s loving and reciprocal. And we’re able to inhabit ourselves more fully than we are in other music spaces that we’ve experienced. (KOJI)


It’s exciting to work on something with people I feel so connected to and understood by. This release is an opportunity for all of us to use our collective passions, skills, and resources to support each other as artists and as people with our own personal needs. (Abby Weems – Potty Mouth)