Ghost Town Remedy Share “Terminally Chill” EP For The Holidays

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Spike that eggnog and get ready for seasonal depression. It’s officially the holidays as Music City goof punks Ghost Town Remedy have today shared their new EP, Terminally Chill, via Never Nude Records. Ever since the release of their debut album, Dry Spell, in 2020, Ghost Town Remedy has been hard at work forging their own unique blend of wintery power pop. These jams are sure to keep you cool while melting your face in the process. So drown out your drunk Uncle this holiday season with your favorite new yuletide bangers and read the band’s thoughts on each track from Terminally Chill.

Snow Week: “It doesn’t snow very much in middle TN. So when it does, all hell breaks loose. “Snow Week” is about one of those times when 6 inches shut down our southern city for a week. It felt like it was never gonna end and on one of those loopy days we were leaning into our snowy madness and came up with the hook as a joke. The rest fell into place and quickly became our Winter Anthem. (drummer Steve Lane)

Ghost Town Remedy

Cold Weathered: “I’m one of those freaks that actually enjoys the cold weather. Something about it is incredibly calming to me. “Cold Weathered” was written after a particularly cold winter night of fire pits and heavy drinking where I eventually fell asleep on a patio chair outside. I woke up confused and had to explain to myself why I ended up there. It’s a conversation with myself about coming to terms with my vices and how a little snooze in the cold can force me to have this conversation in the first place.” (Steve Lane)

Ghost Town Remedy

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Shredmas: “During the summer of 2022, we asked our absolute favorite band in Nashville The Dreaded Laramie if we could do a track together! We both decided that there just simply isn’t enough SHRED in your average xmas song. So we got together in June and chose a cover that we could really make our own and showcase the strengths of both bands. This track features pounding punk drums by Steve Lane, In your face vocals by TJ and MC, and a face melting solo by Zach and TJ!” (vocalist TJ Maher)

Winnebago “Since long before Cousin Eddie rocked up at the Griswolds in his “tenement on wheels”, the RV has been a mainstay thorn-in-the-side of the American holiday experience and in just under three minutes, Ghost Town Remedy vent their own twist on a familiar tale. With vocal duty split between drummer Steve Lane’s ragged frustration and guitarist TJ Maher’s weary pleading, the band deliver an odyssey of cop-dodging, fast-lane-hogging RVs and belated apologies. All wrapped up in one of the crunchiest riffs yet from a band that take as many cues from Thin Lizzy as they do Green Day. Being stuck in traffic has never been so much fun!” (Death To Slow Music)

This December “For many people the holidays are not always bright and merry. It’s not all peppermint sticks, caroling with hot chocolate, and dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh. Often we are reminded of how incredibly difficult the past year has been, best friends who have grown further apart, family that doesn’t understand or support you, failed relationships, and loved ones who are no longer with us. If you’ve ever felt alone during the holidays, pour one out and let’s have a drink. This one’s for you.” (TJ Maher)

On December 9th Ghost Town Remedy will hold Terminally Chill Holiday Party and EP release show at Nashville’s The East Room with support from Say Kids, Dad Hats and No, This Is Patrick. Ugly Sweaters are encouraged!