Girls In Synthesis Share “Picking Things Out Of The Air” Video Ahead Of UK & EU Tour

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Following two critically acclaimed albums, 2020’s Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future and 2022’s The Rest Is Distraction, and numerous mini-album, EP and single releases, London based innovators Girls In Synthesis have released their third album, Sublimation, that is out now via Own It Music. With their UK & EU tour set to start this month on the 9th, audiences will get the chance to hear the dark, twisted, angular pop of the band’s new material live, loud and as sonically thunderous as it was intended. Ahead of the tour, Girls In Synthesis have revealed the video for, Picking Things Out Of The Air, that is taken from the album.

“We were playing this live on our EU tour in 2023, musically it’s quite buoyant, which is an anomaly for us. It has an almost anthemic chorus, there’s maybe a couple more songs on the album that have that quality, too. Thematically, it follows on from ‘Semblance of Choice’; the tendency to make excuses to remove responsibility for oneself. Avoidance, really. There’s a sense of wanting to escape running through the record. There’s an uneasy sense to the song, it’s like being sucked into a whirlpool… there’s an hypnotic, circular aspect to the rhythm which is almost addictive but disconcerting at the same time”

Girls In Synthesis

Picking Things Out Of The Air perfectly demonstrates the more melodic nature of Sublimation, without losing any of the intensity of their previous work. It’s pounding and abrasive, but there’s space in the sound for the vocal hook to seep out into your subconscious. Sublimation once again proves Girls In Synthesis to be peerless, and throughout its eleven tracks they dive headfirst into an uneasy, atmospheric and intense world of melody, self-questioning lyrics and combative musical performances. The band adopted a radically different approach to making Sublimation compared to previous sessions. Recorded late 2023 at Norfolk’s Sick Room Studios with Owen Turner, these sessions marked the first time the band had worked with an engineer from the recording process onwards. Typically, in the past, Girls In Synthesis would record and engineer everything themselves and then collaborate on the mix with someone else, but this time they retreated to rural Norfolk and completely absorbed themselves in the isolation and quietness of their surroundings.

Girls In Synthesis

Booked in for extensive UK & EU touring throughout May and June, the band will be adapting their white-heat live show to bring subtlety and clarity to the new songs from Sublimation, losing none of their unique and intense attitude in the process. Be ready…