Gloom Girl MFG Address Bachelorette Party Mayhem On New Single “Batshitlorette”

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Today, Nashville punk quartet Gloom Girl MFG have unleashed Batshitlorette, their blistering new single and bachelorette party awareness PSA. Staying true to the band’s punk core and mission statement of defying the global gloom, Batshitlorette is a satirical take on Nashville’s country music and Broadway party scene. While its message criticized the excessive party culture, Batshitlorette is yet another defiant track from Gloom Girl MFG filled with insinuating bass lines and gnawing guitar solos. Batshitlorette will feature on their upcoming EP, Polycrisisthat was produced by Brad Shultz (Cage The Elephant) and will be released on May 3rd via Sign From The Universe Entertainment.

“‘Batshitlorette’ is a dogfight. Picture the Greasers vs. the Socs, except make it the Nashville Locals vs. the Bachelorettes. In this song, we’re at play with the idea of local insularity in contrast with bachelorette party mayhem here in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a song that is both dead serious and absolutely absurd all wrapped up in an epic punk package. On brand with the EP, we can’t help but expand our grief and frustration beyond our city walls, and turn it into a bigger declaration: Ignore the future of our youth, and you will pay the consequences.” (lead singer Paige MacKinnon)