Goalkeeper Release ‘Bad Times Don’t Last’ EP

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When opportunity knocks, Philly natives Goalkeeper are the ones answering the door, the trio came together at a critical point in their careers when all member’s original bands reached their expiration dates at the same time, without skipping a beat, Goalkeeper was formed. Finding inspiration in the expanding world of pop-punk, Goalkeeper wants to make their mark and prove there’s still new sounds to be heard. Focusing on tight, driving songwriting, their music emphasizes a fresh, gut-wrenching sound with lyrics that focus on the levity of situations. Goalkeeper‘s new EP, Bad Times Don’t Last, is now streaming on Spotify here.

You can view the video for Sunshine, and Goalkeeper‘s US tour dates, below

Goalkeeper’s US Tour Dates

December 13th, 2018: The Sidebar in Baltimore, MD
December 14th, 2018: Shaker’s Pub in Oakdale, NY
December 15th, 2018: EP Release show at Creep Records Store in Philadelphia, PA
January 24th, 2019: New York Pizza in Greensboro, NC
January 25th, 2019: Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC
January 26th, 2019: Garden Grove Brewing in Richmond, VA