Goodbye Mr MacKenzie Announce Special Edition Of “The Glory Hole” Album & Announce 2022 UK Tour

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Goodbye Mr Mackenzie are set to release a special edition of the 1995 album, The Glory Hole, on the 31st January 2022 via Blokshok Records and Neon Tetra Records, the album will also include three unreleased recordings from 1995. The Glory Hole was originally a series of demo recordings created throughout 1995 in the band’s front room with the aid of an ailing Tascam sixteen track tape machine. These songs became the final mixes for the album through sheer necessity. The band had run out of cash in 1995 with the taxman chasing them for an ‘estimated’ £84,000 unpaid VAT bill left behind by their management. The cupboard was bare, which was actually fine as the band needed a cupboard to record the guitar amp. With that as the backdrop they had to make this album great, even if it was recorded on a shoestring. It was hard times at the Mackenzie mill and they were on their own.

What emerged was a disturbed and sometimes funny album created with a true DIY Punk ethic that took them back to their roots, basically the band did everything, from performing, recording and mixing to sleeve design. The only songs not created this way are the three bonus songs at the end of this re-issue which were recorded in Glasgow. One of these songs, Stopwatch, was discovered on a cassette tape but you can still hear the power of what was originally a truly great recording. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie played what was meant to be their grand finale concert at the Mayfair in Glasgow on the 17th December 1995. They were, physically at least, half the band they had been as Rona Scobie, Big John Duncan (The Exploited) and Shirley Manson weren’t present for this last hurrah, but it was a memorable goodbye none the less. In an almost seamless handover Manson joined Garbage and their first single charted only ten weeks prior to The Glory Hole hitting the streets.

Nobody ever imagined Goodbye Mr Mackenzie would ever reform but they did, 25 years later, and it was amazing. With a string of sell out shows, including a return to the Mayfair in it’s current incarnation as The Garage, and the old juggernaut quickly gathered momentum, culminating in a triumphant sellout show at Glasgow Barrowland on the 20th December 2019. The band are now now set to return on the Good Deeds & Dirty Rags 30th anniversary tour, you can view the band’s 2021 and 2022 tour dates and purchase tickets here.

You can pre-order The Glory Hole here