Grand Theft Audio Announce Return After Two Decades With New Album “Pass Me The Conch”

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Grand Theft Audio are stepping back up to the plate after a 20-year hiatus to pitch you their best with Pass Me The Conch. An eclectic, disruptive, powerhouse, curveball collection of tracks that are part hysteria, part cynicism, part heartbreak, part deadly intent and part love letter. They give you a window to the world… then throw you out of it.  They want to rock your face in, then funk you until you can’t stand it – to celebrate all those missed moments – the lost observations – to vocalise the stillborn soundtracks to situations past and to come. They even wrapped it all up for you in one aerodynamic, hard and waxy speedball.

To coincide with the album release, Grand Theft Audio will be touring the UK in September with CJ Wildheart and Scott Sorry. Their live line-up will be completed by guests Ben Marsden (Ryan Hamilton / The Warner E Hodges Band / The Spangles / The Main Grains) on guitar and bassist Rob Lane (BulletBoys / Ryan Hamilton / Teenage Casket Co).

Pass Me The Conch will be released on the 2nd September and can be pre-ordered here