Handheld Share “Lightbulbs” From Upcoming “Live At 25” Album

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In a landmark celebration of their 25th anniversary, Ontario Canada’s Handheld will release Live At 25 on May 10th via Thousand Islands Records and Pink Lemonade Records. The live album is an energetic journey through their discography that was recorded in a packed sold-out club. The band have now released the album’s second single, Lightbulbs, and you can stream the track and pre-order Live At 25 here.

“I guess this was one of the ‘hits’ from the early 2000s, I guess it’s about being in a band. Our singer hates the lyrics but people seem to like it. We’ve probably played this song more than any other. It was also around the time that song titles had to make no sense. Thanks Moneen! So we’ve renamed it to what we’ve been calling it in our setlist the last 20+ years, simply just “Lightbulbs”, always a fun one and favorite live, hope you enjoy!”