Harijan Reveal ‘Skint’ Video

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Skint is the second single from Harijan‘s self-titled debut album. The song is about being hard-up, having no money and struggling to get by. It’s about being hungry and not having enough for the gas and ‘leccy meters. It’s about being trapped, feeling you are a let-down and wishing you could be given just half a chance to realise your potential. In essence it’s a song about inequality and lack of opportunities as the riches in society are thrown in your face. You see money pouring into the city centre and you ponder a life of crime to break you out.

The video simply depicts and documents Manchester, both outer and inner-city, from the car. It takes inspiration from Greg Meade‘s artwork for the Harijan album and hopes to capture the vibes from his Habitats exhibition. The rows of housing contrasts the city skyscrapers, with various cultural, social and community nuggets placed throughout.

Harijan‘s self titled debut album is available via TNSrecords and Bandcamp