Hell Can Wait Announce Debut Album “Reaching The Point Where Pain Ends” & Share “Price To Pay”

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UK Melodic hardcore revivalists Hell Can Wait have announced that they will release their debut full length, Reaching The Point Where Pain Ends, on August 9th via Best Life Records (UK), Genet Records (EU) and Our Pride Records (USA). This album marks a significant milestone for the band, showcasing their most powerful and emotive work to date. Reaching The Point Where Pain Ends is a raw and visceral journey through the depths of human emotion, blending relentless intensity with haunting melodies. The album delves into the themes of resilience, recovery and the search for inner peace amidst chaos. Fans can expect a perfect storm of heavy riffs, thundering drums and impassioned vocals that have become Hell Can Wait‘s signature sound. The first single, Price To Pay, has been released accompanying this announcement, providing a glimpse into the intensity and depth of the new record.

“We poured absolutely everything we have into this album.Each track tells a story of struggle and triumph, reflecting our personal journeys and the shared experiences of our listeners. ‘Reaching The Point Where Pain Ends’ is not just an album; it’s a testament to the strength we find in music and each other.” (vocalist Luke Buckmaster)