Iggy Pop Unveils New Single “Frenzy”

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Iggy Pop has exploded back onto the scene with the aptly titled new single, Frenzy. The track contains three solid minutes of unadulterated primal rock fury that signals a return to the raw powered aggro of earlier Iggy vintages. The single is now available via the recently announced partnership between Atlantic Records and Gold Tooth Records, the new label founded by producer and guitarist, Andrew Watt.

Frenzy is a sharp 180 degree turn from Iggy’s most recent album, 2019’s Free. Where Free‘s somber and contemplative meditations on mortality and the human condition saw a vulnerable Iggy taking a deep look inward, Frenzy lashes out with the unmistakable and unequalled intensity that earned Iggy the Godfather of Punk sobriquet. Iggy is accompanied on Frenzy by a band consisting of producer Andrew WattDuff McKagan (Guns ’N Roses / Velvet Revolver / Neurotic Outsiders) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers).