Implants Sign To Cyber Tracks & Announce New Album

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Punk rock supergroup Implants, who feature members from Strung OutPulleyTen Foot PoleAuthority ZeroMe First and the Gimme GimmesThe Tank and Death By Stereo, have signed to Cyber Tracks once again. This time, for their third full-length album which is expected sometime next year. The band has also refreshed their lineup with the addition of Jake Kiley (Strung Out) on guitar as well as bassist Chris Del Rio making a triumphant return. The group will be entering the studio to begin pre-production this coming weekend. In addition, Cyber Tracks will be repressing their coveted debut album, From Chaos To Order, on gold nugget colored vinyl with pre-orders to follow within the next few weeks.

“With Covid pretty much behind us, we’re all super excited that pre-production is finally here. It was difficult getting in the same room between Covid and tour schedules, but we put in the work and we think we have the makings of a solid release. Also with the return of Chris Del Rio on bass and the addition of Jake Kiley taking over for the exiting Jim Blowers, we can’t wait to hear the new dynamics on this record. I’ve been a big fan of theirs since day one and can’t wait to show you all what we’ve got coming!”