Italy’s MEO Unleash Debut Album “Testarossa”

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Testarossa is the first album by Italian screamo band MEO, a sports car thrown full throttle towards a cliff, a screamo assault that teeters hysterically on the edge between implosion and explosion, it falters and stumbles but remains upright and continues to run unabated. The album covers the fundamental themes of the genre, including life, death and love. The only odd exception is the title track, dedicated to a distant and now unreachable friend. A work in which the fatalistic pessimism of a black and white vision is hindered by the eagerness of a biting, limitless youth.

MEO Testarossa

MEO are lonely and independent stray cats in search of food and love, like small felines who feel like tigers but don’t mind a few cuddles. The violent outbursts that introduce the album open up to more melancholic and contemplative moments, affectionate reveries to fight loneliness together, an embrace that vibrates with the purr of the amplifiers. A trio whose elements come from different musical coordinates but which almost accidentally come together in an emo/screamo sound that reconciles violence and sweetness, aggression and fragility. After a long build-up, the album is finally released digitally and on vinyl by a large international collective of DIY labels.

MEO Press Shot Apr 22

Testarossa is now available via Dischi Decenti, Non Ti Seguo Records, Longrail Records, Fresh Outbreak Records, Troppistruzzi,  Seaside Suicide (FRA), Entes Anomicos (ESP), LongLegsLongArms (JAP), Desperate Infant Records (Hong Kong) and Missed Out Records (USA).