Ivy Gardens Release Self Titled EP & “Close Calls” Live Session Video

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The first few minutes of the lead single, Close Calls, on Ivy Gardens’ brand new self-titled EP is the sonic equivalent of a panic attack. Heavyweight chugging guitar and hallucinogenic organ are complimented by warpath drum beats as the vocals sing of self-destructive tendencies. The line “Get outside and clear your mind / Instead of searching for ways to hide,” clearly summarizes the thematic impetus for this EP: escaping the confusing and chaotic times we find ourselves in. 

There’s a lot of anger on this EP and why shouldn’t there be? The constant ridicule and sense of untrustworthiness towards many is certainly in the air while paranoia is slowly running rampant in the streets. It’s like a scene out of a dystopian film, only this is real life. Ivy Gardens link every song to an undesirable relationship, though never paint it as black and white. Every song can be relatable to yes, a relationship, but also a specific situation. “We wanted the highest energy, most honest songwriting and the heaviest, pummeling riffs we could possibly deliver,” says Ivy Gardens

You can stream Ivy Gardens self titled EP here