Jaguero Release Debut EP “Worst Weekend Ever”

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After unveiling their cards with two smashing singles, the Italian punk rock band Jaguero have come out with their debut EP, Worst Weekend Ever, that is released in collaboration with Epidemic Records. The four friends came up with the name Jaguero during a night of partying, a crazy union between a wild animal and a soccer player. They immediately fell in love with the idea, imagining Jaguero as a lucha-libre wrestler, who spends his life between obscurity and glory. The four come from disparate experiences: Slander (Matteo Marangoni), La Fortuna (Andrea Cichellero) and Regarde (Guido Dal Prà and Andrea Campesato Segnini). In this EP they mix the reference sounds of their various artistic paths as well as their own varied musical tastes.

“The ambient influences of Andrea’s solo project, La Fortuna, give Jaguero small but important traits that characterize the songs. His musical taste is extremely broad: from 50’s jazz to modern punk rock, from traditional Italian song to hardcore, and more. Jaguero is where this range of listening converges in a balance of song characterization and aggression. While Matteo’s history with Slander needs no introduction, his old-school influences give a distinct character to the heavier sections of the songs, with particular attention to the lyrics: screaming, massive riffing, and direct phrases are present thanks to him. Last but not least, Guido and Andrea define a solid rhythm section: both of them focus their attention on small details of the songs, not only on their own instrument but especially regarding the overall direction of the song.”

Meanwhile, their band Regarde is active, with a solid background of eight years of live performances and several records: two full lengths, two EPs and a split. Taking a parallel path with the Jaguero project, they both felt the urge to move towards a more direct and punk vibe, writing fast songs that catch the listener’s ears. The motto here is pretty simple: have a lot of fun and zero stress. Both Regarde and La Fortuna are still in business, while Matteo (Slander) is focusing completely on his tattooing career. Between life, work and other projects, the four punk rockers want to play music and enjoy what music can give them and others. This EP was born from the extreme urge to play songs at full volume, after a long break from live concerts.

To consolidate everything, the masterful work of Maurizio Baggio of La Distilleria, a recording studio renowned for this kind of sound. And taking up the challenge and launching Jaguero to new listeners is longtime friend Gab De La Vega, at the helm of Epidemic Records, who is playing a central role in bringing Jaguero through the right channels.

You can find the Worst Weekend Ever EP through Bandcamp and digital platforms