James Domestic Shares Two Versions Of New Single “Holiday”

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James Domestic, frontman from East Anglian hardcore pioneers The Domestics, has released not one, but two new videos. The suitably summery Holiday is the fifth single to be taken from the Suffolk-based renaissance punk’s widely acclaimed debut solo album Carrion Repeating. The video, shot on the front in Felixstowe, once again features the Alligator Man, now a fixture of Domestic’s videos.

“For me, one of the most exciting things about this is that GMPMSK have done an amazingly good remix of ‘Holiday. If you’re unaware, GMPMSK is Dave Ellesmere (ex-Discharge, Dr & The Crippens, Disgust, Flux Of Pink Indians, etc.) who has been making electronic music under many different aliases in Berlin for 20 years now. If you’re into dub with a serious Scientist / Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry / Massive Attack / King Tubby feel, I reckon you’ll love this.”

Carrion Repeating is now available through Kibou Records, TNSrecords and Amok Records.