Jay Bentley Talks Bad Religion

  • Cole Faulkner posted
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Bad ReligionJay Bentley recently sat down with Room 13’s Rob Sleigh to discuss Bad Religion‘s past, present, and future.  During the interview Bentley gave quite a few teasers about the direction the band is taking for their upcoming album:

“R13: How would you compare it to the stuff you’ve done in the past?
JB: In a weird way, I’ve heard Greg and Brett both saying that if our last three records were the ‘Suffer’, ‘No Control’ and ‘Against the Grain’ of the 2000s, then this would be ‘Recipe for Hate’. I said, “You’re leaving ‘Generator’ out” and Brett said, “Yeah but that’s intentional.” Then, listening to the material, it sort of is ‘Generator’ mixed in with ‘Recipe for Hate’. There’s gonna be a lot of stuff that’s gonna surprise people on this record.”

Be sure to check out the interview in its entirity over at Room 13.