Joey Cape Announces One Week Records

  • Cole Faulkner posted
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Joey CapeLagwagon front man Joey Cape has announced the creation of his brand new label One Week Records.  In an interview with New Noise Magazine, Cape explains the premise behind the digital-only label:

“…I’m doing an event-type label. I’m doing a label that’s going to be something like a BBC session. It’s more of an event. I have people come to my house and if they come for one weekend, we do three songs and we call it a ‘one weekend record.’ If they come for a week, we call it a ‘one week record’ and we record ten songs. We sell the record in digital format for half of the amount of songs on there, so a ten-song record’s $5.”

Cape details what fans can expect from the label’s first release:

“The first release is my friend Brian Wahlstrom, who is a piano player and an opera singer, which is hilarious considering my background. He’s a guy that I’ve known for a long time. He’s from San Diego. He played in a band called Hornswaggled and they were a punk band, kind of an early 90s punk band.”

Read the full interview here.