July Crowd Return With New Single “Complicated”

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From working retail in Prince George, BC, Dom Walters, Niko Stivanakis and Nic Faller‘s professional relationship quickly blossomed into a personal one. The three young men would find common ground jamming Goldfinger and Blink-182 on old electric guitars and a cheap drum set. The July Crowd fuse was lit. Their debut EP, Roses & Adderall, showed their potential, but it was 2023 EP, Seat Of Your Pants, that emerged as a shining beacon of the band’s capabilities. The sophomore collection showcased a potent and thoroughly infectious soundscape, with driving guitars and soaring choruses underpinning the Canadian trio’s output. Their new single, Complicated, is July Crowd‘s first new music of 2024 and sees the band at their infectious, moreish best. The new track is now available via digital outlets and is adorned with mighty singalongs and punchy skate punk hooks; a simmering early summer anthem for pop-punk fans everywhere.

July Crowd

“The song is primarily about self-discovery after being walked out on; the verses explore self-reflection in the fallout, while the chorus stands defiantly and casts the blame. We wanted to produce this one very modern, while still blending the classic feel of 2000’s pop punk.” (lead vocalist Dom Walters)