Kali Masi Announce East And West Coast US Tours

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Kali Masi WIKali Masi seem to have an itch that being at home just can’t scratch, ever since the release of their debut full length, Wind Instrument, the band have been grinding and grifting on the road. So why wait until they’re done with their current month long West Coast tour to announce another month long East Coast tour? 

Wind Instrument can be streamed and purchased here

Kali Masi‘s East and West Coast US tour dates can be viewed below

Kali Masi US Tour Dates

1/13 Berkely, CA
1/14 Sacramento, CA
1/15 Eugene, OR
1/16 Portland, OR
1/17 Bellingham, WA
1/18 Vancouver, BC
1/19 Seattle, WA
1/20 Spokane, WA
1/21 Namda, ID
1/22 Salt Lake City, UT
1/23 Denver, CO
1/24 Colorado Springs, CO
1/25 Omaha, NE
1/26 Iowa City, IA
1/27 Urbana, IL
2/13 Bloomington, IN 
2/14 Charlotte, NC 
2/15 Richmond, VA
2/16 Washington, DC 
2/17 Baltimore, MD 
2/18 Philadelphia, PA 
2/19 Montclaire, NJ 
2/20 New York City, NY
2/21 New York City, NY
2/22 Long Island, NY 
2/23 Middletown, CT 
2/24 Providence, RI 
2/25 Boston, MA 
2/26 Scranton, PA 
2/27 Pittsburgh, PA 
2/28 Cleveland, OH 
3/1 Detroit, MI 
3/2 Milwaukee, WI 
3/3 Minneapolis, MN