Kaonashi Release “The 3 Faces of Beauty: A Violent Misinterpretation Of Morgan Montgomery” EP

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Kaonashi has released The 3 Faces Of Beauty: A Violent Misinterpretation of Morgan Montgomery EP through streaming platforms and on cassette via Equal Vision Records. The EP is first of three in a series told from the perspective of the main characters of Lemon House High, the concept the band set forth on their 2018 EP, Why Did You Do It?, and continued on 2021’s Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year. The story is a tale of love, loss, violence, heartbreak and identity set in the lives and families of Morgan Montgomery, Casey Diamond and Jamie B. Moore. On this release, the band shares Morgan’s viewpoint through chaotic, experimental metalcore while addressing topics like bullying and self-acceptance.

“Topics such as societal pressure, race, homophobia and dysfunctional family are all covered in this new release. I want the listeners to feel the sadness and anger of this character so they have a different perspective on young Black people.” (vocalist Peter Rono)

As Lemon House High serves as the center point of Kaonashi‘s lyrics, the sound on the EP is just as prevalent. Songs move from loud to quiet and back again. Guitars twist and turn through irregular scales, with many of the riffs improvised on the spot in the studio. Pulsating drums break through moody cymbal crashes. And holding it all together is Peter Rono‘s unique timbre.

The The 3 Faces Of Beauty: A Violent Misinterpretation of Morgan Montgomery EP showcases a broad range of emotions, time signatures, low notes and soaring moments of ethereality. Through it all, Kaonashi only want the listener to feel, and of course, to welcome them to Lemon House High.